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Repair, Upgrade, Refurbish  and/or Recap?

Here are some terms we normally hear  or read online  but we are not really sure about the difference between them:


Repair- to replace defective parts to get the equipment working again

Refurbish- to replace everything is wrong with the unit , also replacing the weak parts and the parts we know fails very often in that type of components.

Complete refurbish- to refurbish and complete detail clean the unit inside and outside, replacing missing parts and doing some minor upgrades like for example  replacing lamps with LED long lasting lights.

Upgrade- there are some parts that we know fail very often and replacing them with the same part will make them to work for awhile but they were not properly designed to last for a long time, they could have problems such as overheating, leaking, noisy, etc.

Mods- are short for modifications, replacing parts or circuits with improved performance counterparts, this is usually requested by the customer regarding some reading or information gather from the internet.

Recap- to replace all the capacitors in the unit, this is normally not necessary and is usually very expensive, for example film capacitors or some brand names capacitors that are well known to last over 50 years such as Elna capacitors will be  a mistake to replace them with the equivalent recently manufactured capacitor of reduced size that usually gets bulged or leaky after a just a very few months of use, unless is replaced with higher specs such as higher voltage or higher temperature tolerance.

We normally do not accept jobs where the customer ask us to do specific replacement of parts to solve specific problems the unit may have, we check the unit and will provide them with  the suggested solution.


We also buy, sell and accept trade-ins of quality used equipments








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