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Specializing in providing turntable repair service on any brand or model, manual, automatic linear tracking vintage or recently built.

We commonly work on these brands but we can repair any brand from 1950 to present.

AR, Dual, Kenwood, Sansui, Thorens, Sota, Music Hall, Pioneer, Fisher, Garrard, Yamaha, Denon, Technics, Onkyo, Marantz, Sony and many more

 Our standard services includes clean, repair, lubricate and calibrate and even  upgrade upon customer request. We carefully check all the turntable parameters to perform at its best, such as speed, tracking, suspension,  noise, cables, shields and grounds and this procedure is done on every turntable we work on, to bring out that warm sound that only vinyl records can provide.








Bring it in or send the unit for a complete evaluation and repair, if you send the unit, please use the work order form available here, be sure to pack it well and use lots of Styrofoam and if desired double box , we will ship the unit back to you using the same box and packing material. When possible remove the headshell or cartridge and plate and place them on a separate padded boxes, also lock the tone arm and suspension.

Specializing in repairing Vintage Record Changers

We also buy, sell and accept trade-ins of quality used equipments.

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