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Specializing  in the field of repairing analog audio electronic equipment, any make or model, consumer or professional

 solid state or tube type.

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We have over 25 years experience working with all types of tape media equipment and we excel on Reel to Reel and cassette decks, including the electronic part of it, such as recording and playback amplifiers, biasing circuits and logic controls, we can custom calibrate your unit to the brand and type of tape you are or were using during the recording process so you can get the best frequency response and lowest distortion possible and this is very desirable when you are transferring to a different media such as CD, DVD or just solid state memory.

These are the brands we normally work on open reel and cassette decks:

Teac Akai Tascam Optonica
Sony Revox Pioneer Kenwood
Concept Luxman Nakamichi NAD
Technics Roberts Concertone Dokorder


And many more, please call us or send as an e-mail ahead if you have a unit not shown here and indicate the nature of the problem you are having with your player.

It is important to specify the type of use you plan for your player, for example if you are using just to playback old tapes, the cost of the repair will be far less than the repair of the unit that is going to be used for full audio recording.









Bring or send the unit for a complete evaluation and repair, if you send the unit, please use the work order form available here, be sure to pack it well and use lots of Styrofoam and if possible use double box , we will ship the unit back to you using the same box and packing material.

We also buy, sell and accept trade-ins of quality used equipments.

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